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Hello from Jaipur! We're a digital marketing and development company founded by two engineers who believe in keeping things simple. No fancy jargon or tech-speak; just good ol' straightforward solutions.

Our Expertise

img Website/Webapp Development
Website/Webapp Development

Elevate your online presence with our user-centric web development. From business sites to dynamic web applications, we engineer seamless digital experiences, focusing on user-friendliness and mobile responsiveness.

img Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Captivate your audience with our content marketing. From blog posts to multimedia, we craft compelling narratives that inform and establish your brand as an industry authority. Partner with us for a journey of online growth. 🚀✨

img Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Stand out in the social media crowd with our engaging strategies. We build brand loyalty, boost online presence, and make your brand shine across platforms.

img SEO

Climb search engine ranks effortlessly with our meticulous SEO services. We optimize your website for increased visibility on key search terms, attracting organic traffic and boosting your online presence.

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Our Work

Pf Samadhan

Pf Samadhan

Meet Pf Samadhan, your go-to consultants for all things PF-related in Jaipur. We teamed up to give them a cool digital makeover – we designed a 4-5 page website packed with custom vibes, themes, logos, and SEO optimized content to cater local needs.

Our goal? Make it sleek and professional, just like Pf Samadhan's corporate clients love. The result? A snazzy website that not only looks good but screams expertise.

We spiced it up with custom themes and logos, making sure every click feels like a breeze. Now, Pf Samadhan's online presence is as sharp as their PF consultancy skills. Check it out – it's where style meets substance!

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Labour Law Advisor

Labour Law Advisor

Meet Labour Law Advisor, the popular YouTube channel hailing from Jaipur with over 3 million subscribers. Our team created a 40-50 page website that acts as a one-stop-shop for various services they offer.

Using modern tech like Next.js and React, along with a sturdy backend, the website isn't just for show – it's a practical and easy-to-use space. From consultancy services to offline products, Labour Law Advisor's website is like a virtual marketplace.

Navigating the site is a breeze, giving visitors a taste of Jaipur's culture while exploring the range of services available. Whether you're here for advice or looking to grab something offline, each page tells a story.

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In our collaboration with Bonson, a prominent electrical product brand since 2013, we designed a bespoke website that not only showcased their extensive product range but also reflected their unwavering commitment to quality and security.

As the digital architects behind Bonson's online identity, we translated their rich legacy into a user-friendly and visually engaging platform. From House Wire to Industrial Cables, our goal was to encapsulate Bonson's diverse offerings in a seamless digital experience.

Our collaboration extended beyond visual appeal. We delved into the technical intricacies, ensuring the website not only looked good but performed optimally. The result is a platform that aligns with Bonson's values – innovative, customer-focused, and committed to excellence.

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Discover Mindmello, a user-friendly web app crafted by Markals to elevate your productivity. This handy tool allows you to choose your favorite sounds, making your work environment uniquely yours. With features like to-do lists and daily tasks, Mindmello becomes your digital productivity companion.

Imagine choosing the sounds you love – whether it's calming rain or upbeat tunes – to set the perfect work vibe. Mindmello makes it easy. Plus, it's not just about sounds; it helps you organize your day with to-do lists and keeps your daily tasks in check.

Visit their website to witness the Mindmello experience. Markals presents a digital productivity solution where user-friendly web apps meet a personalized touch, making every workday a breeze.

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Zonal E-store

Zonal E-store

Experience unparalleled business insights with our custom-made dashboards tailored for optimizing sales and driving success. Our expert team at Markals crafts intuitive dashboards that provide real-time analytics, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Monitor sales trends, track key performance indicators, and streamline operations effortlessly. Elevate your business efficiency with a personalized dashboard that aligns seamlessly with your unique needs. Unlock the full potential of your sales strategy – discover the power of data at your fingertips!

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Rahul Pansari

Restaurant owner

The team at Markals is extremely understanding of customer requirements, accepting of changes that are asked. It is difficult to find a team that has all of these together and I am happy to have found Markals. Their social media marketing plan was expansive and had great target ideas and well executed. Overall, I would highly recommend Markals.


Mr. Rajesh Lakhani

Electronics Business

Markals seemed like the right choice for our business in Jaipur. Our website needed an update, and they made it noticeable. They understand the practical challenges we face every day and provided regular updates.


Pranay Sharma

PF Samadhan

Siddharth & Shivam helped me curate content for my blog and helped me rank on some of the most trending topics. And also optimized it for my audience.


Anirudh Sharma


Markals is an absolute game-changer! Their creative and development services exceeded my expectations. The team is not just skilled but also incredibly friendly and easy to work with. They turned my ideas into a stunning reality. Highly recommend Markals for anyone seeking top-notch creative solutions




Great work done by these folks, delivery was on time and design was really good. definately recommend if you need a creative agency.

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A website acts as your digital storefront. MARKALS designs websites that not only look great but also attract potential customers, providing essential information and turning visitors into clients.

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